Smart. Bold. Different.

A world where everyone feels guided on their journey.

This is us

We are BOLD.

We’re ambitious pioneers, audacious gamechangers and fearless negotiators. Never afraid of doing things differently, we forge new paths, dream up new ideas, disrupt the conventional and find new ways to enable each other’s success.

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We know neighbourhoods, developments and buildings better than anyone, with the deep insights to be able to tell clients what the listings don’t. We use data and a deep local expertise to make decisions easier for our clients.

We are HUMAN.

We are people people: personable, empathetic, honest and real. We’re generous with our knowledge, ideas, time and guidance, genuine in our desire to help...and definitely not afraid of having some fun.

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We are a TEAM.

We don’t do silos here. When you’re one of us, you can count on all of us. Meet the leaders who have your back.

And who will you be when you work with us?

You’ll be a specialist. An innovator. A team player. A go-to expert clients count on. And the successful closer you want to be.

Flexible plans

How you want to do business is your business. Forget one-size-fits-all: the level of benefits and support you get are up to you.

Tiered plans give you the flexibility to build your business and earn an income exactly how you want to.


Multiple office locations serving the country’s two biggest real estate hubs, with a corporate headquarters and partner-owned branches.

Brendon Cowans, VP of Business Development, Inc.

“Ready to abandon old-school thinking and embrace data, specialization and innovation? Give us a call.”

Brendon Cowans, VP of Business Development, Inc.

Ready to redefine your real estate career?

If you’re an agent who wants to take their career to a whole new level, what are you waiting for – we’re ready to talk!